It’s winter, and the heaters and warm clothing are all out. What lies unused is your summer wardrobe and of course – your AC! And guess from whom you need to protect your AC when it remains unused in the winters? Pests! These tiny insects can cause severe damage to your AC – so here’s what you have to do to keep those pests away from your AC:

When unused, your AC is the perfect for you all the pests in the world to use as an undisturbed shelter. The best part about AC’s is that they shield these pests from all the elements and harshness of nature, being enclosed. And one such group of pests are wasps. It’s the safest place for them to build their hives inside the space available in your AC. Not only can your AC get damaged due to this, but so will your family be exposed to the risk when the wasps enter your home. Calling up pest control as quickly as possible to deal with this issue is essential. Also, don’t try to tackle these wasps by yourself. Professional help is the best way out.

How to keep away from these pests which look for refuge the minute the sun is out, and the chill is in? Well, as far as ants are concerned, they are attracted to the acidity in the contractor which is present in the air conditioner. If left undetected, the ants get in touch with the, and this will immediately lead to a short circuit – this means that the entire system of your air conditioner can get damaged. If you detect this problem on time, you can get pest control done as soon as you notice this issue. The pest control will keep the ants at bay and keep your AC safe.

The possibility of mice entering your AC ducts isn’t rare – these mice wreck havoc not only in your AC by chewing up the wires and the system inside your AC, but also pose a threat when they enter your home. It’s best you get rid of the mice that have trespassed your area as soon as you detect one. Mice cause tremendous damage to the AC, and the worst part is that the damage done by mice is irreparable. So the best way out is to call pest control to get rid of these as soon as you can.