In winters, your AC lies unused – which makes it super susceptible to attacks by unwanted pests. So instead of regretting later, it’s best you take the required care of your AC before these pests make your AC their home for the winter. SO what can you do to keep the pests away from your AC? Read on to know more:

Seal gaps:
When your AC isn’t in use, there’s no harm in sealing the ducts. The duct system is the way through which the insects get into the AC – so if you seal this passage not only is your AC but your entire home is safe from the attacks of pests.

Clean up the outdoor unit:
Dirt is what attracts the pests more – after all, it’s a sign that they are is unused for a long time, which explains the dirt. SO instead of letting dirt accumulate in your AC, make sure you keep cleaning the outdoor unit of your AC. This way, you would even notice if any insects are making your AC their home. So there’s a dual advantage in cleaning up your outdoor unit – not only will it be clean, but will also allow you to do a routine insect check for your AC.

Close up the vents:
The vents of your AC too, are entry points for the pests to enter your AC easily. You could even invest in installing pest-proof vents which is pretty useful against a host of pests. Whatever spaces in the Ac you see open are probable pathways for the pests to enter through. Look out for options to deal with these vents.

Get a routine AC check:
A biannual AC check works wonders. This way, your AC is clean before you intend to start using it again to beat the summers. Also, these routine checks will help you keep a tab on the insects entering your AC. So basically a routine check is the best way to get that all-clear before you start using your AC again.



Don’t pest control yourself:
There is no sense in spraying all those anti-pest sprays into your AC – it may cause further damage. So it’s best to leave this to the pros who handle the issue well and with the requires care.