Pest control is a routine in all our homes. After all, no one’s really fond of pests prowling around and multiplying in our homes, right? And a routine pest control is not only important for your home, but also for your health. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to pest control. Read on to know more:


Call a reputed pest control service provider:
Don’t compromise on the quality of the pest control service provider – you want a service that’s the best and not one that will leave the pest issue unresolved! So look out for a great agency and yes, look out for the reviews – that’s the best way you can get an idea about the validity of an agency.

Keep children away:
Children are super sensitive, and the chemicals used in pest control procedures can cause them grievous harm. So instead of exposing them to all of it, make sure you keep them away in someone else’s home. ( the same rule applies for pets too.)

Usage of approved chemicals:
Make sure the agency that you sign up with uses chemicals that pre-approved by the relevant authorities – these authorities have a list of chemicals that are safe for usage and don’t cause any harm to the health.


Carelessly store the remaining chemicals:
After every pest control procedure, there is always some of the chemical that remains. Keep in mind that you have to store these chemicals in a safe place – out of reach from children, to be specific.

Head in for complex pesticides:
If you intend to do the pest control, by yourself, make sure you don’t opt for the complex pesticides – get the ready to mix and use right away ones, and you’re good to go.

Skip the rules and instructions:
Make sure you have all the safety gear in place – it’s of great importance especially if you plan to do the pest control by yourself. Read the instructions carefully. If you have got the pest control done up, follow the instruction which has been narrated to you. That’s the best way to keep yourself and your family safe through the procedure.

Keep in mind these rules and regulations and make sure you have a safe, pest control free home!