Bed bugs are one of THE major problems that we humans have to deal with in the one place that we long for after an entire day of hard work. Our bed is the one place that our body longs for, the comfortable haven of soft sheets and pillows where we can rest and watch movies and TV shows and recharge. Having bugs in this place is incredibly off-putting and downright repulsive.

Bed bugs need a safe and normal temperature to thrive, so there are many places in our home that prove to be perfect breeding grounds for these mincing pests. There are many measures that can be taken by you to make sure that you prevent the infestation beforehand. Bed bugs are elusive creatures and will typically make their way in through small cracks and crevices. Any space that can fit a credit can be used by these bugs to come in. Remember that bed bugs are not only found on your beds but also in many other places at your house. They will ‘set up camp’ wherever the environment seems good enough for them to stay long periods of time. Having knowledge about these bugs is the first step to prevention and control of these vile creatures. Here are some steps to actively follow to prevent an infestation.

–    Cover up those power outlets the ones you don’t regularly use, no, not with tape, but with ‘socket plugs’ which are available in stores. They aren’t that expensive either.

–    When you are traveling, it is imperative that you transport and store your clothes in sealed bags and then put them in your suitcases. It does add an extra step to your packing but should be practiced. Because one well-known place where you can bring bugs into your home by mistake is from hotels and other places where you would sleep. These bugs latch onto your clothes and make their way into your homes.

–    Hire professional experts to come and check out your home if you are suspicious; these people are good at finding and getting rid of infestations.

–    Try and identify early signs of bugs in your bed or home. Check your neck, hands, legs and whatever body part which is exposed when you sleep. If you have rashes or bites, then you’ve got a problem. These will also be itchy from time to time.

–    Cut back on your clutter. It is annoying to be a neat freak but do not be a slob either. Balance it out and maintain a clean and tidy home.

–    Check your pets for signs of bugs. These bugs can be attracted to even a dog’s bed since it proves to be a warm place to lay eggs and what not.

–    Learn how to identify these insects and also be prepared to do what it takes to be rid of them. You may even have to get out of your house a couple if it comes to fumigation.